No such module 'AirshipAppExtensions' (CocoaPods)


I have followed the integration guide (on a new app) from and using CocoaPods.

UA is the first and currently the only addition to an empty iOS app (Swift).

The project doesn't compile ("No such module 'AirshipAppExtensions'"). 

I can't find anything wrong with this integration. 
This is not the first time I integrate AirshipAppExtensions in an iOS project - had no issues earlier.

Here is a test project that demonstrates the problem: 

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  • Hello,

    Does doing a Product > Clean prior to building work to resolve this issue?

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  • I have found the problem: 

    According to iOS Extension integration guide (link in the post above) the CocoaPods integration is as follows: 

    target "SampleExtension" do
      pod 'UrbanAirship-iOS-AppExtensions'

    In action it should be as follows: 

    target "SampleExtension" do
    use_frameworks! pod 'UrbanAirship-iOS-AppExtensions' end


    In earlier versions of CocoaPods the 'use_frameworks!' line was by default (after running `pod init`) in the top of the Pod file - outside any target block. Now it's inside the main app target block and therefore doesn't affect any additional targets, like the notification extension....

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