Usage of API push notification using template with media and deep linking


I'm trying to send push notifications through API, using a template. Problem is that I'd like to set that template with deep-linking and media (an image).

From dashboard, I'm not able to configure a template with deep-linking, as that deep-linking requires an ID (that I will configure through API). Is it possible that templates only allow to customize the message field, but not depp-link, title and media fields?

Thanks in advance!

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  • Just as a guess,  Could it be possible to define the template to Open the home and without media, and override the action and media when sending the push through API?


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  • Hi Alejandro,

    The Templates API, also known as Personalization, is used for personalizing the alert itself to a specific user, for example.

    For the deeplinking, you'll need make sure you've set up your DeepLinking scheme in the Configuration page before you can utilize them in your Template.

    Once you have that set, you can set up the title and media fields as normal.


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