Named User and Channel association ?

I was going through the 'What are the limitations to the Urban Airship Engage API' article at and here are my questions (in context of native iOS apps):

"Named User ID Limit
You may only associate up to 20 Channel IDs to a Named User."

I think this means that one named user can be associated with at most 20 devices (or channels) 'at a time'

"Named User Limit
Hard limit is set to 50 Named Users per Channel ID."

I couldn't get this! How can one device (channel) be associated with more than 1 named user 'at a time' ? I thought named-user to channel association is like 1-to-many. Can anyone please clarify ?

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  • Sid,

    Looks like that might be a typo :)

    The Named User Limit is hard set at 50 Channel IDs per Named User. This is also noted in our API Documentation for Named Users as well.

    I'll put in a request to fix that.

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