In-app messaging via Automation: How can we control when in-app message should get dismissed?



We are building an enhancement in our mobile app to show in-app message only to some of the entitled users. We are doing so using Automation.


However once user has seen the message and has tapped on it, we wanted the message to get dismissed. Is there a way that the setting for message dismissal can be controlled using UA portal? We don't want any code changes on app side to support dismissal.


Pls advise.



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  • The default behavior of the in-app message should be to be dismissed once the user interacts with it. 

    You may also set the duration for which a message will show either through the In App Message Configuration for your app, or by using the duration key when sending via the API.

    Our guide on the Behavior and Appearance of In-App Messages will give more information on this topic.

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