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How to send notification to a named_user using ruby-library?

Sumit Birla

I am getting a "400 Bad Request" error while I try to send the following push notification:


Ruby code:

p = airship.create_push 
p.audience = UA.named_user('user_54434') 
p.device_types = UA.all

p.notification = UA.notification(alert: 'TEST') 

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Hi Sumit, 

Named User is not available on all platforms, Windows specifically, so you are not allowed to use p.device_types = UA.all. You need to specify either Android, iOS or both. 

I hope this helps. 

Aidan Hickman 0 votes

Hi Aidan,

Thanks for that information.  Changing my code to specify device type of iOS  fixed the issue.

p.device_types = UA.( ["ios"] )

- Sumit


Sumit Birla 0 votes