Notification Icon shows as white in Android 6.0

Notification Icon shows as white block in Android 6.0, but appears correctly in lower android versions. Did I miss a configuration step that is causing this?

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  • Hi Zachary, 


    Don't worry, it's not a mistake on your part. This was a change made in the Android 6.0 OS. 


    I'd recommend that you give this article on Notification Icons in Android 6.0 a read. Please let me know if this helps or if you have any further questions on the subject.

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  • Thanks for the help!


    I did as you said and it works correctly. The only only issue is that the img used for the icon displays very small within the notification circle. I tried using the setLargeIcon to increase the icon size, but setColor only sets the background of the smallIcon, so the large icon just appears as white. Is there anyway around this icon size issue other than what I have tried?

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