Device being set to inactive after approx 10 minutes.

Hello, I have an issue that my Android device is being set to inactive after my device gets registered. There was another topic about this, with someone having his device being set inactive directly, though here the case is that its only happening after approx. 10 minutes.


Android Channel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Created 17 minutes ago

Last Registration 17 minutes ago

Status Inactive

Alias None

Tags RescuemateEngineering

GCM Registration ID xxxxxxxxxxx


What could be the cause of this? I'm using Urban Airship with Xamarin/Visual studio. the iOS registration is working perfectly...


Kind regards,

Daniel Dekker

RescueMate bv

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  • Hi Daniel,

    Usually in cases like this, we'll ask for logs from your Xamarin project, just so we can see what the app is doing.

    Additionally, are you testing this using the sample provided in the Urban Airship Xamarin module? If not, we'd love to see your code as well! 


    Your Android device will only be inactive in these cases:

    1. Explicitly opting out of push

    2. Uninstalling the app from the device

    3. Rebuilding/redeploying the app to the device. Every time this happens, you should receive a new Channel ID.

  • Hello Michael,

    That does explain a lot why the device is being set to inactive, I had no idea that it did that with a rebuild/redeploy. On iOS it doesnt do so. So I was thinking that it wasnt required now. In that case I need to rearrange my code a bit for a debug situation.

    Thanks for your fast reply.


    Kind regards,

    Daniel Dekker

    RescueMate bv

  • Daniel,

    No problem!


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