How to start urban airship service when the device is opened?

I integrate urban airship library into my android project and I want to run my application or urban airship service for receive notification when device started. 

How do I run service to receive notification when the device is opened ?

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  • Hello Narin,

    Are you looking for more information on how to send push notifications? Typically, when a push notification is sent, it will either appear on the lock screen of the device or show up as a banner at the top or the bottom of the screen when the device is unlocked. The process for sending push notifications would be the same, either way.

    Our Getting Started Guide can walk you through the process of sending your first push notification. It sounds like you have gone through the Quickstart Guide in your dashboard account; if not, the guide must be completed before you can send push notifications.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • I read Getting Started Guide completed but I found when device reboot or initial when I send notification from server the device doesn't receive notification.

  • Hello Narin,

    I have a couple of more questions for you. Were you able to send a test notification to your device in the Quickstart Guide? What type of device are you using - iOS or Android? 

    I will be able to further troubleshoot the issue upon receiving this information.

  • Thank you very much. Now I can solved it.


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