Notification is delivered to android channel or not?

Hi All,

I am sending push notification to specific devices through curl and Java API client.
Through curl and java statement I am passing active and inactive androidChannel id's after executing statement I am getting below response like


I was unable to identify how many android channels getting push notification?

I was unable to identify how many android channels not getting push notification?

How Can we know whether the Notification delivered to inactive android channels?

How can we know whether the Notification delivered to android channel?

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  • Hi Srinivas,

    When you send unicast API messages to Android Channels, Urban Airship will attempt to deliver the push to those devices. We make the assumption that you, the customer, knows whether or not that user is opted-in or opted-out of push.

    When making API requests, we will return a status response that indicates that Urban Airship has received the push and will send the push out through GCM (or APNS in the case of iOS).


    Your best bet to know whether or not a specific Android Channel received a push would be to check the Reports API for that Push ID.

    Using that, you can know whether or not Urban Airship successfully sent a push to GCM. From there, it is up to GCM to deliver that push to the device. Because we do not have hooks into GCM or APNS, we cannot determine whether or not the device actually received the push.


    That being said, if you send a push to a device that has uninstalled the app from their device, you can use the Feedback API to find which Android Channel IDs have uninstalled the app. because Google will inform us when a device is unable to receive a push due to uninstallation.

  • Hi Michael Halka,

    Can you provide the java example code for below items

    1. To the get push id response (working with Java Reports API)
    2. To find which Android Channel IDs have uninstalled the app (working with java Feedback API)


  • Hi Srinivas,


    Our Java Server library has this built in. In this case, you would use the Individual Push Response Report.

    Unfortunately, at this time the Feedback API is not available from with the Java Server library, so you'll need to make those requests yourself, for now.

    Your best bet, in this case, would be to use the HTTPClient class to perform those GET requests. Similar to the examples shown here.

  • Hi Michael Halka,

    We used Individual Push Response Report it is given push_id related information likenumber of sends, when the push was sent, push type and Tthe unique identifier for the push etc...

    This is not given below information
    1. Which android channels(id's) getting push notification?
    2. Which android channels(id's) not getting push notification?

    We want know whether or not a specific Android Channels (id's) received a push?

  • Hi Srinivas,

    If you need to retrieve that information, your best bet is to collect that through your Connect Stream, not the Engage Reports API. The Engage Reports API will show you Push Sends, and push response reports.

    In addition, as I stated above, if you are sending unicast messages, we are assuming that you, the customer, know who you are sending and not sending to. If you are sending to a segment of your audience, and you want to know which Channel IDs were sent to, the only way to get that information would be through Connect.

  • Hi Michael Halka,

    In our application, we want to send Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast Messages.
    After sent notification to device/users we want to know below information
    1. How many of devices/users got notification?
    2. How many of devices/users not gor notification?

    How can we achieve through connect stream?

    can you provide any examples

  • Hi Srinivas,

    The Connect Stream has a "Send Event" stream that you can connect to. This will show you the Push ID that is returned to you when sending a push, as well as the Device ID that the push was sent to.

    I want to be super clear here though.

    Urban Airship will show you whether or not we have successfully sent a request to GCM/APNS to be delivered to the device.

    This will come through in the Connect stream and will show you that we sent a push to GCM for that particular device ID.

    If a device is unable to receive push, you should receive that feedback immediately, indicating that the device ID is inactive.


    What we cannot track is whether the device actually received the push, or did not receive the push. There is no receipt feedback from GCM.



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