Need Android Sample for eclipse


Have anyone done the sample on the Urban airship Android using eclipse, If anyone has done please provide me the sample or the latest jar

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  • Hello Jagadesh,

    Google has not supported Android development in Eclipse for quite some time now. As such, our sample application would not run in Eclipse. These articles offer a little more insight into when Google stopped supporting Eclipse:

    Urban Airship has an Android sample application that can be run in Android Studio. Android Studio can be downloaded for free, so upon downloading it you can import our sample app into an Android Studio project.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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  • Hi Jennifer,


    Thanks for your replay, i have done the sample which you have mentioned above, but my project is an hybrid project done in cordova  which need to be run by using eclipse, for this reason we need to have a sample done in the eclipse or required latest jar. 

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  • Hi Jagadesh,

    Eclipse has a Hybrid Mobile project; is your project built via the Apache Cordova integration?

    In any case, Urban Airship utilizes Android Studio for push notifications. Given how the Urban Airship Android SDK is implemented in its current iteration, it is unable to work in Eclipse. If there is a way for you to create your project in Android Studio then you can use the Android sample project listed above, otherwise there isn't much we can do.

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