How to lunch another activity when user open notification

I developed an android application using the urban airship to push notification but I don't know how to next to specific activity (e.g. NotificaitionAcitivity) according to the value that submitted to notification when user open notification when an app doesn't  launch yet.

How do I detect any value that submitted to notification?

How do I launch any activity when user open notification?

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  • Hi Thanapong,

    Launching an activity when a user taps on a notification is what we refer to as deep-linking.

    In order to implement it, you'll need to follow the Android Deep-Linking guide. This will help you get set up to detect parameters passed in to the deep-link and launch a specific activity based on the value of that parameter.

    Once you have that implemented, all you need to do is specify which page you want to deep-link to, and the app should handle the rest! 

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  • Thank you very much :)

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  • No problem!

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