How to set badge value zero again in android?

i am getting auto bade in android app. how do i reset it zero.

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  • Hello Mohit,

    Badges are an iOS feature. Android does not have badges or autobadges. Urban Airship also does not support badges or autobadges for Android; it is not implemented in our API or Android SDK. If you are referring to iOS, autobadging automatically adjusts badge values based on the number of unread messages in the Message Center. The autobadge value is normally reset to 0 when a device registers. Our iOS guides have more information on Badges and Autobadges if you're interested.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


    question: why are badges not supported in Android? it's something very basic that I still can't fathom being not supported.

  • Hello Alberto,

    At the time Mohit wrote in, badges were not supported by Android. With the release of Android O, you can now use notification dots, which are badges that appear on the app icon when a notification is received. They are enabled by notification channels. For more information on setting up these features, please see the resources I've attached below:

  • Thank you Jennifer for your answer! this is a start, but we support devices from Android 4.2 on, and as you  know, Android O right now is installed only on 0.2% of the devices.



  • You can try out this extension library to introduce support for badging on android as well. 

    Since it is not supported by platform out of the box for android you should control badge value within extra payload



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