How do I target dynamic audience?

I would like to target audience who have made x purchases through my app, where x could be any number (Each will have a different message coming from the CRM server). How can this be done?

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  • Hi Sandeep,

    I would recommend using your app code to tag users based on how many times they make a purchase, and then send your messages to that tag. This will create the dynamic audience you're looking for.

    You can find more information about Tags in our Documentation.

    Thank you,
    Sean Conlin
    Urban Airship Technical Support
    Portland, Oregon

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  • Hi Sean

    Thanks for your reply. Does that mean if there are 1000 different messages, I need to create 1000 tags?

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  • Additionally, can't I dynamically send message where I can do logical evaluation of tags when sending a message, eg: store = xyz, number of purchase < 5?

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