Xcode project built from Unity - Can't find 'AirshipConfig.plist'



I've successfully gone through the iOS and Android native quick start guides, and am attempting to do a Hello World example with a new Unity project.


I have built the Plugin, installed it in my Unity project, and built the Xcode project... (which, unfortunately, is where the documentation at http://docs.urbanairship.com/platform/unity.html ends...)

After setting up my code signing, I manually turned on the Push Notifications capability (it would be nice if this was done for us, like the Wallet one is), tried to build my project, and... get this error:


/xxx/Assets/Plugins/iOS/AirshipConfig.plist:0: error: reading data: The file “AirshipConfig.plist” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file.


... which kind of makes sense, and kind of doesn't... I mean, I remember having to add that in the native iOS workflow, but shouldn't the Unity plugin do that for me ?


So, even after adding the file to the Project bundle, cleaning, etc., I can't get this to compile.


Any ideas ???



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  • Hi Jesse,

    This can happen when you create an iOS project from Unity in a different folder from the original Unity project.

    You can find your AirshipConfig.plist folder in Your Unity Project/Assets/Plugins/iOS. Copy this file into your Xcode project, point the broken link to the new file and it should solve your error.

    You may also need to turn off bitcode in your app, as we've had users report a linker error recently where this was the fix. You can do this by going to your App's Build Settings, typing bitcode into the search bar, and turning off Enable Bitcode in the first few columns. Below is a screenshot of this view for your convenience.


    Thank you,
    Sean Conlin
    Urban Airship Technical Support
    Portland, Oregon

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  • Hi Sean,


    Thanks for the reply. So are you saying that the Xcode project should be exported within the Unity folder ??

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  • Right, I got it... I understand the path it was looking for now. Thanks!

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