iOS Development and Production Apps Do Not Appear on New Interface

We haven't logged into the UA interface for a while. When I logged into today, the Android Development and Production Apps appear, but, not the iOS Development and Production Apps. Where did they go? We have an active Enterprise Account.

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  • Hi Simon,

    I was able to take a look at your apps in our systems. It looks like due to some account issues, the Team Access users on your account may have been removed. Please have your account owner re-apply Team Access grants to needed users. If this is not the issue, please open a ticket as we will need to exchange account information that shouldn't be passed on the forums.

    Thank You!

  • Thanks, Aaron.

    We have had some turnover on the development team. I thought this account was the owner. I also see no way to open a ticket. Any assistance would be helpful.



  • Hi Simon. If you can, please have the account owner for your company grant you Team Access to an app which belongs to an upgraded account. If that is not possible please email us . com and we will get you sorted. Please link to this thread in your ticket. Thank you!

  • Thanks, Aaron. Lenny Greenberg is doing so on my behalf.


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