What are the causes of "Channel creation failed."

I have two iOS applications.  A simple one that has only a development APNS certificate, and a pre-existing more complex app that has both development APNS cert, and a production APNS cert.  Both apps implement exactly the same code in the app delegate.  Both apps have different, yet correct for themselves, AirshipConfig.plist files.


In the simple app, everything works fine and I can send test push notifications.  In the more complex app, I receive the following debug log messages:


2016-04-25 03:54:57.666 Thync[5200:4091472] [D] -[UAChannelRegistrar createChannelWithPayload:] [Line 138] Creating channel.

2016-04-25 03:54:58.421 Thync[5200:4091472] [D] __47-[UAChannelRegistrar createChannelWithPayload:]_block_invoke84 [Line 153] Channel creation failed.


- (void)registrationFailed;  is being called


What could be causing this channel creation failure?  I believe it is what is preventing me from being able to receive test push notifications.

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