Supporting WatchOS custom action buttons in long notifications

In order to support custom action buttons in WatchOS for long notifications, I need to be able to include a category field in the JSON such as the following I do manually using AWS's push service:

{ "APNS_SANDBOX":"{\"aps\":{\"alert\":\"This is an alert\", \"category\": \"alert_type_1\"}}" }


Is there a way to provide this category field with Urban Airship JSON output? I have tried using the Notification Buttons feature, but this doesn't seem compatible with the way WatchOS deals with it; for WatchOS, it needs that category field as a child to aps.




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  • Hi Rich,

    This field is not yet supported in our web composer. While I can't promise an ETA for future support, we do see the need for this field as it is increasingly important to all iOS devices with changes coming in iOS 10. Please stay tuned.

  • Hi Rich,

    We support the category field as part of the iOS platform specific options section of a push object. Please see the documentation here for more:

  • Thanks for the reply. I see you support it via API. But do you also provide support for category via your interactive push message form?  


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