Possible to add/view data on a custom event?

Is it possible to add and view more data to a custom event than the events value?

I believe the function below is what I should use to set a property on the custom event, but how can I view this property from the UA interface?

- (void)setStringProperty:(NSString *)value forKey:(NSString *)key;

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  • Hi Zachary,

    It is indeed!

    The Property function is indeed the function you would use to set it upon a custom event.

    However, if you do not have Connect as a part of your plan, you will be unable to view said properties on the Custom Events.

    If you have just Engage, you will be able to just view the event name and the value.

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  • I have Connect enabled now, but I do not see an option to view these properties with any of the Connect integrations either. Is this only possible by rolling your own solution for viewing the data from the Connect data stream?

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  • Zachary,

    These will come across as properties in the Custom Event body, as documented in the response object.

    So, as long as the integration you have chosen allows you to collect Custom Event, you should be set to collect it!


    Let me know if that helps!

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