"Recieved a foreground push notification when the [UAirship push].pushNotificationDelegate is not set. Unable to show any UI."

I've gone through the setup and am testing on my device through Xcode. I can see the following in my console. It seems that UA is indeed connecting correctly to my device because when I send test messages in the QuickStart guide form, I get these console outputs. Any ideas why though they're not showing on the phone? I'm sure it has something to do with `[UAirship push].pushNotificationDelegate` not being set. Oh, you may want to correct the spelling of "Received" in your console output: https://github.com/urbanairship/ios-library/blob/master/Airship/Common/UAIncomingPushAction.m#L80

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  • Hi Dan,

    Push alerts will not actually display on the device if the app is already open/foregrounded. If you wish to change that behavior, you would need to implement your own Push Notification Delegate to handle the incoming push and display it as a UIAlertView.

    Or, alternatively, let the user decide if they want to receive pop-up alerts in the app. Generally this is done in the Notification Settings on iOS for that app.


    I would recommend against displaying the alert to the user when the app is open or foregrounded, as it's not a great experience.

    Instead, take a look at In-app messages, which are far less annoying than pop-up alerts.

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  • Got it, thanks Michael!

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  • No problem!

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