How do I push to the Message Center controller instead of presenting it modally?

I understand that executing UAirship.defaultMessageCenter().display() presents the Message Center modally. How would I go about pushing to it? I would like "push" this controller so I can have a back button to the screen I just came from.

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  • Hi Daniel,

    I would take a look at our sample apps, which are included with the iOS SDK.

    Essentially, what we do in the sample is use a Tab View Controller to allow the user to navigate to multiple places within the app. Tapping on the Message Center option will bring up the Message Center, as expected, but still allows the user to navigate to the other sections of the app without having to navigate down the "stack" of view controllers, as you would normally.


    However, if you are set on using navigation controllers to navigate throughout your app, you would set up the Message Center display almost the same. In this case, you can have an Inbox Delegate set up within your App Delegate. Your Inbox Delegate, then,  can have your custom code for handling and displaying the Message Center, including the ability to have a "back" button to go back to previous pages.

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