Does compile '' version is necessary?


Does compile ''  version is necessary for UA Android SDk?  I mean Google Play services version 8 above is required or we can build with lower version i.e. 7.5 .0+ of Google Play services? I am using  some other libraries too in my project which does not compatible with G play services 8.4.0. And I can not update them right now.


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  • Hi Mahendra,


    Yes, compiling against the latest version of the Google Play services is required for the Urban Airship Android SDK. Compiling against older Google Play Services will likely cause some problems if you are not on the latest version.

    With each SDK update we make, we'll build against the latest Google Play Services. For the other libraries you are using, I would encourage you to reach out to them and let them know that they should update their libraries to support the latest Google Play Services.

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