Disable notification message popup when app its open by touching on notification (cordova)

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to disable the notification message popup when the user opens the app by touching the notification in the notification center (iOS/android) using the Cordova/Phone plugin . I have tried automaticSetupEnabled = NO , 

[[UAirship inAppMessaging] setAutoDisplayEnabled:false] and 

[[UAirship inAppMessaging] setDisplayASAPEnabled:false] inside the Urban airship plugin init with not luck. Can some one please point me to the right direction 





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  • I believe you created a ticket about this, but I'll post the answer here in case someone searches for this topic.

    This feature was just added in the newest version of the Urban Airship Cordova plugin. Please update the plugin and in the config file, you can include:

    <!-- Enables/disables auto launching the message center when the corresponding push is opened. -->
    <preference name="com.urbanairship.auto_launch_message_center" value="true | false" />



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  • Could you please share the same code for android 

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