Difference between first_open event(immediate_trigger) and First app open (Lifecycle Events)

Hi All,

I was unable to understand the difference between first_open event in Automation and First app open in Lifecycle event.

Can any one provide the clear information of both events.

How can we working through the Java API/Engage API for these events?

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  • Hi Chnakaya,

     The difference is in the features.

    Automation is primarily used for automatically triggering a message to be sent to a user or group of users based on a certain event happening. This may be the addition or removal of a tag, or the first time the user opens the app, etc. In this scenario, the push is automatically sent to the user and there is no API required for setting this up.


    Lifecycle Lists are not automatically triggered. Lifecycle lists are automatically generated lists by Urban Airship that represent a certain group or segment of your audience. These lists can be used in your API request to send to a specific group of users, but it not triggered by Urban Airship, and is instead triggered by the customer. So, if you want to send a message manually to all users who have opened the app in the last 7 days, you may do that with LifeCycle lists. 


    Setting up Automations and Sending to Lists are all documented as a part of our Engage API.

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