Not able to distinguish from response, if app is removed from device?



We registered the device token"764a7c9f94f1b1103414143320786ee6cba85f9f321e294b10bd0e42582a00f0”, able to send the notification & mobile user is able to receive it. 


Mobile user remove the app that is having the same device token as mentioned earlier. 

Now we are trying to send the notification & in the response we are not able to see any difference between the case-I & case -II. Please find the API details in attachments. 

Please let us know how do we differentiate from the API response or any other alternate mechanism to remove the device tokens.


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  • Hi Sudhir,

    When a device uninstalls the app on iOS, we do not receive immediate feedback that that device has uninstalled the app. Thus, as far as Urban Airship is aware, that device is still active.

    So, when you send a push to that device, we will attempt to deliver that push through APNS.

    Only after that push is sent is when we will receive feedback from APNS that that device has uninstalled the app. Once we receive that feedback, we will automatically mark that device as inactive for you, so you will not need to manage that.

    You should then see that subsequent push attempts to that device will not go through. 

  • Thanks Michael.
    Need some more info on the push service response, because we are getting response as same for Active & In-Active device tokens. 
    PFA file for more details.

    Please let us know how do we differentiate from the API response, or  is there any other alternate mechanism to achieve the same.

  • Sudhir,

    The response you get from our API is always going to be the same. That is, if we accepted your request and the request is properly formatted, it will return a HTTP 202 response, which is what you attached. That does not mean that we have performed any validation against the actual Device Token itself.

  • Thanks Michael for the quick response


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