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How are APIDs setup?



I have a question about APID. When is a device assigned an APID by UrbanAirship? On the first time it is sent a notification or on app install?

We are trying to see if our app on a device can access what it's APID is. Related to that is the question, do devices that turn off notification or dont allow our app to send them notifications, do they also get assigned an APID?




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Hi Tom,

For clarification, APID is an old identifier, we now use Channels. Check out our Topic Guide on Channels for more information.

To answer your question, our SDK assigns a Channel to a device the first time the app is opened. If an app is installed but has never been opened, it will not have a Channel ID.

Thank you,
Sean Conlin
Urban Airship Technical Support
Portland, Oregon

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