Uninstall Event stream not showing while Consuming from stream for my app ?

Uninstall Event stream not showing while Consuming from stream for my app ?

Hi All,

When we uninstall my app in android device, the uninstall event stream data point not showing.

steps to produce the issue:

  1. Run Java class having connect API to connect and consume stream for APP
  2. After running Java class we are able to Connecting to stream for my APP and Consuming from stream for my APP
  3. In side Consumer we are getting all existing events data points for my APP like OPEN Event, CLOSE Event, SEND Event, PUSH_BODY Event, FIRST_OPEN Event, TAG_CHANGE Event, UNINSTALL Event all these events shows at the first time consuming itself.
  4. We Uninstall my APP in android device
  5. Then we look into connect API console the UNINSTALL event data point not showing

Note: If we open app in android device, we are able to get the open event data point details

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  • Hi Chnakaya,

    Uninstall events come as a result of a push notification being sent to a device that has uninstalled the app. When an app has been uninstalled from a device, it does not communicate with Apple or Google that the app is now uninstalled. Thus, a push notification needs to be sent to the device in order to retrieve that feedback from Apple or Google that that device is now unreachable to due its uninstall status.

    So, in order to get the uninstall event, you must send a push to your device.

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  • Hi Michael Halka,

    So I understood that in order to know whether any device had uninstalled the app, I need to send a notification to it. So that if it is uninstalled then we will get uninstall related event fired.

    But I have concern like as I don't know which exact device had done uninstallation, so I need to send notification which will get broadcasted to all the devices (including those which are active - app is running also). On such scenario I am un-necessarily sending notification to those active devices. Which is quite un-obvious one.

    So is there any other approach is there to update the InActive status to un-installed deviced based channel id(s).

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  • Chnakaya,

    This is where Named Users comes in handy. Instead of having to know the specific Channel or Device ID for your device, you simply reference the Named User when you want to send a push notification to your device(s). It acts as a kind of alias to be able to message all of your devices that you may have logged in to at some point.

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  • Concern1:

            Here also I don't know which exact named users associate devices had done uninstallation. 
            we need to send notification to all exists named users in my APP.Internally the notification sent devices which are associated with named users.
            If we use named users also un-necessarily sending notification to devices via all exists named users of my app.


    1. I Installed my APP in D1, D2, D3, D4 different devices.
    2. In D1, D2, D3, D4 four different devices I logged with same user id (note: here I used user id as named user i.e email address)
    3. So these 4 channel id's associate to single named user i.e, email address
    4. I un-install the app from D1 and D3 devices

        Case1: sent notification named user selector to get un-install event


    1. I prepared payload and sent notification with named user selector i.e, email address
    2. The notification sent to D2, D4 devices

         Here the notification un-necessarily sent to D2, D4 devices


        Case2: once un-install event occur sent email

    1. Once the notification sent with named user selector I am able getting the Un-Install Event details of D1 and D3 devices with same named user i.e, email address
    2. I prepare email and sent the email to email address based on named user details from un-install event of D! and D3

    Here same user uninstall app in two devices(D1 and D3), So email went twice to his/he email address

    1. Even though the user is available D2 and D4 devices un-necessarily we are sending email to user based Un-Install Event of D1 and D3 devices
    2. To get the Un-Install Event of D1 and D3 devices un-necessarily we are sending notification to D2, D4 devices

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  • Hi Chnakaya,

    Your only other option is to collect the Channel ID along with the Named User. Without that information in your database, you won't be able to know who uninstalled the app or who to send a push to. There is no other option to mark a device as inactive other than the methods described above already.

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