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I'm testing your rich messages using the API v3 and iOS Sdk. I send messages with action 'open landing_page' and I use content: { body: '<html>...</html>', content_type: 'text/html', content_encoding: 'utf-8' } JSON to generate the landing page. This works well, but when I use different html styles like 'style:font-family' I don't see effect in the landing_page render in the phone. Other styles like 'font-color' or 'font-size' works well.

What is the limitation in the html render? I only found the 100-256kb limit in your documentation, but I don't find nothing related whit the html-css render.




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  • Hi Xavier,

    It could be that the specific font-family you're using is not available for Mobile browsers.

    Would you be able to let us know specifically which font-family you were using that was not working? Most, if not all, HTML rendering should be supported.

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  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks you for your quick answer. I try to do it with tag style using @import from google fonts and works well.



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  • Glad to hear it works!

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