Problem when I open notification

I develop android application using urban airship and I use deeplink to send data from server. It's work perfectly when the app is open, when the phone receive notification and then I press a notification it open and execute code in class that receive deeplink data it start other intend that I specify. However when I touch home button of my phone the app is hidden and then I clear application cached as a result the app can receive notification as well but when I press notification it open the app just a moment and then it quite rapidly 

when I see log cat it show force finishing activity that I specify to receive deeplink

Please help me. Thank you very much


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  • Hi Thanapong,

    This would be expected behavior in this case.

    When you clear the application cache on Android devices, you're effectively clearing the commonly used data for that app. As a result, the app itself may need to be restarted to be able to perform correctly.

    So, the fix for this is to simply do not use the clear cache option on your device. Let the app handle manage the cache, and you should be fine.

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  • Thank you very much.

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  • No problem!

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