Cordova/PhoneGap Support for "displayASAPEnabled"

I'm trying to use automation to display an in-app message based on an event. I notice that if the application is in the foreground when the in-app message is received, it will not be displayed until the app has been sent to the background and then restored to the foreground. Since I'd like the in-app message to be shown immediately on the device, it seems like a good place to use:

UAirship.inAppMessaging().displayASAPEnabled = true

I don't see this method available in the Cordova/PhoneGap plugin documentation. Is this property not available? Is there another way to accomplish my goal here?

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  • Hi Keenan,

    Unfortunately, at this moment, the Phonegap plugin doesn't have built in methods to be able to easily modify properties for in-app messaging.

    However, all is not lost!

    If you are comfortable with modifying the plugin, you can easily add that into the UAirshipPlugin.m file within the pluginInitialize method.

    Once you've done that, then you should be set!

    Additionally, you may also choose to submit a pull request as well to have that added in

    Urban Airship Phonegap Plugin - Github

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  • Ok, great. I'll do just that! Thanks.

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  • No problem!

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  • Pull request submitted.

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