iOS 8/9/10 background notification delegate method not working

  • I have implemented a custom push handler that conforms to the "UAPushNotificationDelegate" protocol . It has these methods similar to sample urban airship application .

    -(void)receivedBackgroundNotification:(UANotificationContent *)notificationContent completionHandler:(void (^)(UIBackgroundFetchResult))completionHandler {
    // Application received a background notification
    UA_LDEBUG(@"The application received a background notification");

    // Call the completion handler

    -(void)receivedForegroundNotification:(UANotificationContent *)notificationContent completionHandler:(void (^)())completionHandler {

    -(void)receivedNotificationResponse:(UANotificationResponse *)notificationResponse completionHandler:(void (^)())completionHandler {

    - (UNNotificationPresentationOptions)presentationOptionsForNotification:(UNNotification *)notification {
    return UNNotificationPresentationOptionAlert | UNNotificationPresentationOptionSound;

    but receivedBackgroundNotification method is not firing when I get a background notification. I can see the push notification pop up.
    I really want to make this work as I'm trying to add app icon badges manually as I'm working out of your inbox.

    thanks in advanced.

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  • Hi Rahal,

    Can you confirm you are sending background pushes to your app?

    Keep in mind that when you send a push notification to your device, the "receivedBackgroundNotification" will only fire if the kind of push you are sending is a background push. If it is not sent as a background push, that method will not fire.

    There are two other things you should make sure you've done in your app to make sure you're 100% set up.

    First, make sure you've enabled background modes for your application.

    Second, when sending a push to your device, make sure you've enabled the content-available flag. This enables the app to wake up in the background and perform some actions inside the app. This enables the background notification method to fire.

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  • Hi Michael


    Thanks a lot for your comment. I was missing "content-available flag" in the push . now it works very well..  



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  • Rahal,

    No problem!

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