Make push message go to message center.

Hi, I have successfully integrated Urban Airship in my Android app. Now, I want to send push messages which are delivered as push notifications, and also enter the message center (which I'm going to implement) in our app. I'm making the notification myself, using a custom notification builder. Is there any flag or some info that I can use, so that the notification I make gets to the message center as well.

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  • Hi Gaurav,

    Be cautious when using your own Custom Notification Builder. Our documentation states:

    "Custom notification factories are supported, but may cause some Android Push features to no longer work. Only the features that the factory implements will be available."

    This can include such features such as analytics not being properly being populated in your app.

    For sending a Message Center message, you can follow our User Guide in our documentation for using the Message Composer to link a push message with a Message Center message.

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