Audience of 1500+ users of one message.


In our app we need to send one message to a group of users (it could be 10 users or 1500+ users). When we were using parse we were creating channel for every user based on it's user_id from our system. And when we needed to send a push notifications to a group of users we just sent array of channels (user ids) to Parse and it was working. So my question is it possible to do something like this using UA? I guess named users feature is what we need but I couldn't find a way to send push notifications to array of named users. I think we could use OR operator but here you say that using > 1000 selectors is not recommended. Why? Would it be super slow?



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  • Hi Vasiliy,

    It is definitely possible to do something like this through the UA API!

    The reason why we recommend using no more than 1000 selectors is avoid timeouts. The larger the amount of data you try to send through the internet, the higher the chance of a timeout.

    So, you might be thinking "How do I message x amount of users in the API?"

    The primary way we recommend to do this is through the use of tags. Coming from Parse, you may have also seen these in the form of Parse "Channels". You can use those same "channels" as tags within Urban Airship to group a list of devices together to send a push to.

    Now, you can also send to an array of devices, like you mentioned, but if your audience list is more than 1000, you may end up having to split the array into 1000 device parts. So, if you have 2000 devices to send to, you'll have two separate api requests to send to the first 1000 devices, and the last 1000 devices in the array.

    Definitely take a look through some of our Example API requests if you want to check out how some of the requests can be put together.

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