iOS push notifcations sometimes working when app is in the background?

We have been using UA for over a year and a half. We have mobile apps for Android and iOS. We recently have seen issues with push notifications going through to iOS devices, when the app is in the background. The push never went through at this time, but when the app was open, the push went right through. Non-pushes were with 2 or more users, but with other users, it worked perfectly. Then magically it started working again, we are baffled. 

With users that it didn't work 

  • Phone battery was good 
  • Internet connection was good 
  • We use priority 5 because that has always worked best
  • Works when app is open 
  • Tested with app only running 
  • Other push notifications were going though with different apps 

Thanks in advance for your help! 

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  • Hi Isabel,

    You should look to change up the priority on your pushes.

    Using a priority of 5 for APNS tells Apple to take into consideration the power considerations of that device. In this case notifications with this priority might be grouped and delivered in bursts. They are throttled, and in some cases are not delivered.

    Using a priority of 10 tells Apple to send that push immediately, which is generally the default behavior.

    If you're sending content-available pushes, using a priority of 10 might not be what you want, and in fact is an error on the APNS side.

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