Push notification body text is empty

I'm integrating UA push notifications on Android with their React Native library.

When I try sending a push notification from the Urban Airship dashboard, I do get a notification on my Android, but the message content area is blank.

When I tap the notification it opens the correct app.

In logcat, I see the message content text that should be displaying in the push notification: 


ReactNativeNotifs: New message from GCM: Bundle[{com.urbanairship.push.ALERT=HELLO THIS IS A TEST NOTIFICATION, google.sent_time=1518420400840, google.ttl=2419200, com.urbanairship.push.PUSH_ID=<hidden>, google.message_id=<hidden>, com.urbanairship.push.APID=<hidden>, com.urbanairship.push.CANONICAL_PUSH_ID=<hidden>}]

I Spot - UALib: Received push: {google.sent_time=1518420400840, com.urbanairship.push.PUSH_ID=<hidden>, com.urbanairship.push.CANONICAL_PUSH_ID=<hidden>, com.urbanairship.push.ALERT=HELLO THIS IS A TEST NOTIFICATION, com.urbanairship.push.APID=<hidden>, google.ttl=2419200, google.message_id=<hidden>}
V NotificationService: pkg=com.myapp canInterrupt=false intercept=true

I noticed this error on push notification, not sure if it's related:

E MyApp - UALib: Received message callback from unexpected provider class com.urbanairship.push.gcm.GcmPushProvider. Ignoring.

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  • Hi Alyx,

    This is Sean with Urban Airship Technical Support.

    Are you still experiencing this error in the latest version of our React Native Module? I've not seen this behavior in the React Module myself.

    Are you able to test using our React Native Sample App?

    Thank you,
    Sean Conlin
    Urban Airship Technical Support
    Portland, Oregon 

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