can we use ChannelID to identify specific device?

is this the best way to identify specific device, or is there any other proerty can be used to identify ios,android device?


another question, for example, if our apps integrate your api , user download and install our apps from app store, and load our apps, for this device will generate a channelID,


if user unstall and reinstall apps again, this time generated ChannellID will be the same one to previous generated one or not?


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  • Hi Wulong,

    A channel ID is a unique identifier that ties together an application/device pair on iOS/Android devices. It can be used to target pushes to specific devices using the Urban Airship API. This is typically the best way to target a specific device, although you can also use Named Users to target specific users.

    Whether or not a channel ID will persist through uninstall/reinstall depends on a couple of different factors. If your app is set to register immediately on first run, then we delay creating a channel ID until we can get a device token or a GCM registration token. If we get a device token or GCM registration ID that has been previously used before, we assign the old channel ID to that device.

    With that being said, if device registration is delayed or if there’s no opt-in immediately, we'll create a brand new channel for the device. If a device token or GCM registration ID is associated with the device later on and matches up with an old channel, we’ll uninstall the old channel. In this way, we try to minimize the recreation of channels, and clear out old channels if we have information that it’s a duplicate.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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