What is flow of implementation of UrbanAirship in Xamarin.Forms?


I am implementing UrbanAirship in my project. I have followed this steps according to the document given here

Though, let me tell you the steps. According to the doc, I should focus on Portable Client Library rather native.

1- Install NUGET version 4.6.4 in iOS/Droid project: PM> Install-Package UrbanAirship

2- Install NUGET version 4.6.4 in Portable project: PM> Install-Package UrbanAirship.Portable

3- Add AirshipConfig.plist file according to given in document. Note: I have GoogleService-Info.plist which is having GCM Sender ID and all details.

4- Set UAirship.TakeOff(); and UAirship.Push.UserPushNotificationsEnabled = true; in AppDelegate

5- Add/Remove Tags wherever required in Portable project.

6- Create a library(service) in portal project and iOS project to manage calls between Portable and iOS project. It contains method like SetNamedUser, TrackScreen, RemoveNamedUser etc

Note: I have skipped following portion in that document as it is part of native


Native Bindings

Using the native binding libraries is similar to using either the Android or iOS SDKs. Below we provide a simple comparison between setting a named user ID in the native SDK and binding library. In general, the two changes you will notice between the bindings and SDKs are:

  • Method calls are generally capitalized.
  • Getters/setters are generally converted into properties


For more information on the Android SDK, please see the Android platform documentation


For more information on the iOS SDK, please see the iOS platform documentation


I have done with this. Do I need to implement push notification separately now? Or is it enough for this?

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  • Prakash,

    Once you have the Xamarin integration set up in your app with the Urban Airship SDK, as you have laid out in your post, you'll want to make sure you set up your iOS and Android certificates. This will be following the APNS Setup under the iOS Platform docs and the FCM Push Provider Setup under the Android platform docs.

    Once you have those set up and the appropriate keys added, then that should be the last steps you need for push integration on Xamarin.

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