intergration with Firebase cloud messaging


I need help sending a push through urbanairship if Firebase Cloud messaging field is activated.

 We currently use firebase messaging to send pushes, an example is door_left_open

Below is example:

 variable is door_left_open in firebase cloud messaging (FCM) as soon as this is true, push is sent.

How do we set this tag in urbanairship, that when tag is true in FCM it sends the push through message setup in urban airship?

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  • Hi Manohar,

    Thank you for writing in to the Urban Airship Support Forum.

    Based off of what you've described, there are two potential options that could work for your use case, both involving Automations. An Automation is the delivery or display of a message when certain conditions have been met, such as a tag being added to a user's device or a custom event in your app being fulfilled.

    Is door_left_open a tag that gets added to devices, or is it an event that is fulfilled in your app? In other words, what triggers this as true in the FCM console? This information will help me determine the best solution for you.

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  • Hi Jenn,

    Tag door_left_open is a flag in our firmware and firebase when activated our firmware updates firebase to send notification.



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  • Hi Carl,

    Thanks for clarifying that. Do you track changes made to the door_left_open flag in your backend? If so, that same server can send us a custom event that would in turn trigger an automated message


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