TRIGGER TYPE - Inactivity, How to schedule delivery?

 When choosing the trigger type Inactivity, the option to delay/schedule a push for a specific day/hour is removed. Is there a way to do this with the Inactive trigger?

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  • Hi Kelly,

    Unfortunately this is not currently possible to do using the dashboard, but I'll be submitting a feature request to our engineering team to add this functionality.

    There is a workaround you can set up using several separate automations, but it's a little intricate and you'd need to make sure it is set up in a way that doesn't create excess pushes and test it extensively in your development app before setting it up in production.

    1. You can create an automation that sends a silent push instead of a visible notification, and set it up to add a Custom Key.
    2. In your app you'll need to write some code to handle that custom event and add a Tag (i.e. "Inactive User") to that user (see: iOS / Android)
    3. Then you can set up an automation with a trigger of Tag Changed, and send a push when this tag is added and set a timed window for that message.
    4. Make sure you set some automation that removes the tag if user becomes active again because if the first automation triggers again but the tag is already set, and hasn’t been removed, it won’t work. You can set the tag to be removed as part of the content action of the message in step #3, but that might not occur if they don't open the notification so be sure to accommodate for such a scenario.

    I hope this helps.

    Jay M.
    Urban Airship Technical Support

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