The Owner of my connection is no longer with the company, how to I upgrade another (Administrator) to be the Owner?

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  • Hello,

    This is Andrea with Urban Airship Technical Support. Below are the steps to update the account owner:

    • Your IT team temporarily reactivates the current owner's email address and sends a password reset email. Here is a link to that page for quick reference: Password Reset
    • Once they access the account, someone can login to the owner's account and can change the details as described here: Manage Your Account
    • The email address and username must not currently be in use.
    • Best practices are to create a specific account that is not tied to one person so someone who leaves the company only needs to do a password reset before handing off the account to their replacement. A username/email similar to `` is recommended.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Technical Support Engineer | Portland, Oregon

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