Getting extra information when sending deeplink action


we are programatically sending out UA pushes with a deeplink action. Structure looks roughly like this:

I've implemented the UADeepLinkDelegate and the callback is also being called. But I'm wondering how I can access the fields in "extra"?

When push is implemented without any action, the callback receivedForegroundNotification(notificationContent, completionHandler) was being called and we were able to access the info via the UANotificationContent. But that seems to be completely missing when actions are implemented?


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  • Hello,

    "receivedForegroundNotification(notificationContent, completionHandler)" is only called when the application is opened. 

    You will want to use "didReceiveRemoteNotifications" and/or "receivedNotificationResponse" when you want to respond to a user's tap on the push or other action.

    See our guide on Automation Integration for more information.

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