Bagde count is not increasing with use of "+1" inside payload

Hello Sir,

I've setup push notification using Urban Airship and also use auto increment for base count. But before few days it is always sending me only 1 in badge count while receiving push in ios. It should be increase by 1 until i reset the badge to 0. It was working when i did setup before few months and currently it stop working properly.

I don't know that what cause this issue. so kindly let me know asap.




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  • Hi Nirav,

    Looks like you have email support with us. In the future, feel free to email us directly or submit a ticket here and we'll be able to help more quickly:

    As to your issue, does it not increment let's say from 1 to 2, once there is already 1 on the badge and just stays at 1 with additional messages? If you reset it to zero, does it increment to 1 still?

    Also, what changes have you made to the app between the time it was working correctly and now?

    Jay M.
    Urban Airship Technical Support

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