Deep link from notification click not calling Deep link parse activity in particular scenario.


I am implemented push notifications using android:urbanairship-gcm:9.4.0 the problem is that in following scenario application not opening Deep link parse activity.

1.Kill app from recent.
2.Send one deeplink notifiaction.
3.Open app through notification this will navigate to desired class.
4.Now navigate to home tab or any other.(can stay on same too)
5.Now resend same notification.
6.Click on notification, here nothing will be happened.

if we send different deep-link notification than first it will open desired class, so problem persist to first type of notification till we restart the application.

have debugged "ParseDeepLinkActivity" for above scenario it is not getting called.

i found same issue on urban airship forum but not any satisfactory answer
ref link:

Also we tried with using Custom deep link action class it was behaving same but if we add 


this flag while starting activity from Custom Deep link action class in 

public ActionResult perform(ActionArguments arguments);

method it works as expected, but we are not intend to work custom class as of now and also we worried why it not works with default deep link action.
Please assist me on same as it related to some Intent flag issue in your default deep link action, or if something we are missing let us know.

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  • hey I'm experiencing a separate issue but from my time cruising forums I've found that the designed behaviour from UA is that if the app is foregrounded, the notification will do nothing in terms of deep linking. If you don't like this behaviour you'll have to override it with a custom action or custom receiver

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