Message center Inbox persistence issue on iOS and Android.

We came across the same issue as described in the previous post,

1. On Android messages fetched from message center won't persist if app is reinstalled.

Does Urban have any plan to make Android Inbox works the same way as iOS?

2. On iOS it persists inbox on the same device, but if I install the same app later on different device and sign in with same username/password, then messages in inbox are gone. It seems inbox is device specific or ties to device. Is my understanding correct?


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  • Hi,

    To answer your first question:

    iOS has the ability to store app/device data in a keychain, so information such as the channel ID is retained when the app is reinstalled. This allows Message Center to retrieve messages sent to that device prior to uninstall.

    Since Android doesn't have a method for storing data in a keychain, all information about the device is lost once the app is uninstalled, and a new channel ID is assigned to the device when the app is reinstalled. Because of this, there is no way for the app to retain the Message Center content from before uninstall. 

    As for your second question: 

    Your understanding is correct, each message center inbox is specific to the device rather than the user. I'd be happy to submit an enhancement request to our engineers to see if that can be addressed in the future. 

    Thank you!

    Alana | Technical Support Engineer

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  • Thanks Alana. Please submit the enhancement request. In our case we would like inbox is specific to named user rather than device. 

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