Hello. I send Custom Event request.

Request: {
"occured": "2018-10-19T13:08:47+03:00"
"user": {
"android_channel": "8c01cae3-3e01-42f3-9525-9fd8acfbe783"
"body": {
"name": "lead-denied"
"properties": {}

'ok': true,
'operationId': "42b6f7cc-bc54-4db4-93e4-60b05c31b83b"


But I don't see this event on Event Tracking. Can you help me?

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  • Hi there. 
    Custom event for `2018-10-19T13:08:47+03:00` would occur at 16:08:47 on 2018-10-19, and you wrote into us at 14:25:XX on the 19th. Based on the timing provided in your message and the time of your post, we believe there is a possibility that the custom event was scheduled for a time in the future. 
    Have you been able to view this custom event in the event tracker since you originally wrote into us? 
    Thank you
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  • Hi. I don't see at least one event on Event Tracking (http://joxi.net/E2pqVlxi96PlQA).

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  • Can you provide us with your App Key so we can take a look?


    Jay M.
    Urban Airship Technical Support

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