why some notification lost

we are calling your webapi to send notification.

we just found some notifcation has lost ,not received from ios device.


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  • Hi Wulong,

    I checked your projects, it appears as though you may have some setup issues.

    Generally, if you have any issues with notifications, I would advise taking a look through your Error Console in your dashboard. That console should show you any errors you may have with regards to your setup.

    In this case, I see a number of errors for your iOS and Android projects. iOS specifically has a Rejected Device Token, which means that your Development/Production set up might be incorrect.

    Thankfully, this is easy to fix.

    I would recommend going through the steps outlined in our Rejected Device Token guide for iOS and our GCM/FCM Troubleshooting guide for Android for resolving those errors.

    Once those errors are resolved, you should be able to receive notifications again!

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