Push notifications are not received on android (when app close) & iOS (when app is on foreground)

Hi Team , 


We are not able to receive the push notifications on android device when the app is closed (not launched at all on device) & on iOS (when app is running on foreground mode).


We are using the latest plugin from github & here is the path, https://github.com/urbanairship/urbanairship-cordova.


Please let us know if this is the known issue or we are missing something from our end.




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  • Hi Matt, we've responded to your support ticket, however am reposting here:

    Regarding the iOS concern, this is the expected behavior on this platform, iOS will not display notifications when the application is foregrounded. The intent behind this is to not disrupt the user when they are engaged with the application. See our documentation on [Foreground Presentation Options](https://docs.urbanairship.com/platform/ios/#foreground-presentation-options) for ways to override this default behavior.

    Regarding the Android behavior, if the application is forced closed from the device settings, then this would prevent further notification delivery until it is reopened.

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