[Cordova] Tags not been updated properly

Using the Cordova plugin, we add/remove tags depending on user's picks. We remove tags be using the "setTags" method with the Tag removed.

But the tags are not been updating properly and removed tags are still showing (in both the Website and when we call the "getTags" method).

Any ideas on why this happens?


Best regards

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  • Hello Oliver!

    This is Mikey with Urban Airship. I understand you're having trouble with updating tag using the Cordova plugin. To start, what version of the SDK are you currently on? It's recommended that you're on the latest if possible. 

    Feel free to also reference our Cordova sample to compare and ensure proper implementation. 


    Mikey R. | Portland, OR

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  • Hi Mikey, we are using version 7.4.0, which I think is the latest one.


    The tags are bee updated when we create them, but not when we try to remove them.


    Any thoughts?



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  • Hi Oliver, 


    I'm very sorry about the delayed replay, I wasn't alerted to your response by our internal systems. 

    would you be able to post your setTags method and workflow so that we can take a look? Happy to assist further and apologize again for the very late response.



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