GCM -> FCM package name not taken into account?


We are in the process of migrating our apps to FCM, we have one project which has 2 apps in the firebase console. One for UAT and one for PROD. UAT and PROD apps have different package names but Firebase only provides one Cloud Messaging key per project. In the urban airship console we have two products one for Test and one for Prod, both use the same firebase server key but have different package names set.

When we are testing it doesn't matter what package name we enter into the Quick Start setup for android the app still receives notifications as long as the Server Key is correct. This means test notifications will be sent to the production app?

How does the urban airship platform determine which app to send the notification to?

Should when be creating multiple firebase projects per app variant?

What is the purpose of the package name field in the android setup as it appears to have no effect?


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  • Hi Deepthi,

    The package name field isn't required for use with Urban Airship.

    The urban airship platform determines the app to send the notification to based on the 'App Key' in the app, as it will register to different products (in your case, PROD or UAT). That is all that is required to enable Urban Airship to decide which app to send notifications to. As a final note, you do not need to create multiple firebase projects per app variant.

    Thank you and regards,


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  • Thanks Chilun,

    Firebase only provides one Cloud Messaging Server Key per project so we have decided to use multiple projects in Firebase for UAT and PROD variants, that why I was wondering what the package name was for in the Urban Airship Console.

    I can't see how else we could get this to work if firebase only has one server/app key per project. Took some info from the below link.


    Any Suggestions?

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  • The combination of the server key + the app key is enough for Urban Airship to differentiate which app to send the message to. 

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