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Issue:can't register service worker (WEB sdk)


Hey All,

I'm trying to integrate UA with my VueJS App, and I keep getting this error when i'm trying to register:


  1. canRegistertrue
  2. channelnull
  3. isSupportedtrue
  4. onchannel(...)
  5. onpush(...)
  6. ontags(...)
  7. _workerRegistrationPromise
    1. __proto__Promise
    2. [[PromiseStatus]]"rejected"
    3. [[PromiseValue]]DOMException
      1. code18
      2. message"Failed to register a ServiceWorker: The script has an unsupported MIME type ('text/html')."
      3. name"SecurityError" .                }

does someone has an idea how can I solve it?


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Hi Itzhak,

There is an example of the MIME type error and its solution in Stackoverflow.

Can you have a look and see if that helps?

Kind regards,
Chilun Liu
Senior Technical Support Engineer
Urban Airship

25 Lavington Street | London | SE1 0NZ
Portland | San Francisco | London | New York | Gurgaon

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