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How do I set the locale_language tag in java API?


I would like to target users with a specific language. It looks like the selector should be "locale_language" "en" (for english speaking)  but how do I make this happen in the Java API?

Can not find any selector for it at least.

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Hello Jonny,

Thanks for contacting Airship. Chilun from Technical Support here at Airship and I would be happy to help with this.

Here is a link, which should contain an example of setting the locale language:

Kind regards,
Chilun Liu
Senior Technical Support Engineer

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I managed to do it by doing the following selector, but it would be nice to have something more explicit in the API...

Selectors.tagWithGroup(locale.toLanguageTag(), "ua_locale_language")

Selectors.deviceProperty(DeviceProperty.LANGUAGE, locale.toLanguageTag());
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